Who We Are

Akkadian Investment Management

Akkadian Investment Management, LLC (“AIM” or “Akkadian”) is a Delaware-registered private investment firm specializing in managing structured finance investments. AIM is an unconflicted, independent investment manager that is not distracted with any investor redemptions, margin calls or asset downgrades.

Among our partners, we maintain an advisory agreement with Stage Point Capital, LLC, a private equity fund Investment Adviser [exempt pursuant to SEC Form ADV (CRD # 306109)].

Our goal is to continue building a world-class, structured finance-focused asset management platform. We opportunistically invest in all manner of structured finance assets including asset-backed securities using cash flow, bottom-up, and top-down analyses across our investment funds, managed vehicles, and separately managed accounts.

Our Strategies

Fundamentally, we are structured finance focused investors, who glean and act upon opportunities in securities, assets and markets that may be distressed or too complex for ‘single-thesis’ funds. We seek the best-possible returns in the global structured credit market through a focused, analytical approach underpinned by prudent risk management, and disciplined, qualitative and quantitative assessments of our investments and their underlying assets and cash flows.

Concurrently, AIM opportunistically invests in securities or transactions where we see value. Such assets may include non-agency mortgages, CLOs, aviation, maritime, and other structured asset classes.

Our Separately Managed Account (“SMA”) or sub-advisory services provide to our investors a trusted partner with investment experience in multiple areas of structured finance including securities, whole loans, and securitization.

We utilize a credit-intensive and opportunistic approach to assess and purchase often complex and sometimes distressed structured credits. Our team, through an in-depth structural, and loan and asset level analysis, evaluates the underlying collateral through extensive stochastic and/or deterministic stress testing and sensitivity analyses. Based on our proprietary tools and insights, AIM can exercise greater credit selectivity without the requirement to buy a large portion of the market to remain fully invested.

Our Philosophy

Premised on our partners’ century of collective experience, we maintain an analytical and dynamic approach to our investments.

We leverage our cross-platform experience, relationships, and technology to identify and execute structured finance investments with attractive risk and return profiles. Our key investment tenets are:

  • Asset protection
  • Relative value
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Defensive strategy and short duration to preserve capital and reduce volatility
  • Disciplined underwriting process with a rigorous focus on credit standards
  • Strong portfolio management and credit oversight processes


Our core team includes seasoned investment banking, trading, and corporate professionals who have worked in large, international investment banks, leasing companies, money managers, multinational corporations and government. We have managed and traded portfolios worth billions of dollars.

The team has significant relationships in institutional and retail distribution giving us access to a diversified base of mutual, private, and closed-end funds. AIM will leverage the capabilities of the broader Stage Point platform and its independent advisory board, as well as ours, to source additional opportunities.

We have weathered multiple macro-economic and financial cycles as well as significant financial crises; we believe this, coupled with our insight and adherence to an asset and cash-flow specific analysis, makes us even more valuable to our investors. Most importantly, we appreciate the opportunity to put this experience, knowledge and ‘roll-up-your-sleeves’ attitude to work for our financial partners.


While not every investment is a good one, there usually is a good price for any one investment.

AIM will diligently review securities and underlying collateral using a mix of commercial and proprietary analytics and screening tools. Criteria of AIM’s investment selection process include, but are not limited to:

  • Macro review of US and international economies with a focus on rates, spreads, the housing and commercial real estate markets, household finances, and economic activity where we can capitalize on distressed and dislocated assets.
  • Bottom-up approach to narrow down asset sectors by valuations, collateral performances, and bond structures that withstand multiple stress scenarios.
  • Building a portfolio of assets that can return attractive, loss-adjusted yields that exceed our yield/spread thresholds.
  • Ensuring that the purchased assets are reasonably diversified with appropriate levels of correlation and size.

By focusing on the underlying assets and their cash flows, we maintain a disciplined and coherent approach to asset pricing and portfolio development. We manage our funds with our investors’ interests at heart, all while maintaining adherence to the core principles of fidelity, honesty, integrity, and service.